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Hi There
I have a very pretty African Violet, that is about five years old now and has always been healthy and grown bigger every year, however I have all but lost it I think; I seem to be finding lots of little black flies/aphids around it and I am sure it is dying now, my local garden centres are not much help I'm afraid-can anyone help please?



I'd be tempted to take leaf cuttings to keep the plant. sounds as if it has got to wet. try allowing the compost to dry out a little.
to take a cutting pull a leaf+ stalk off the plant and push it right up to the base of the leaf into good moist compost. pop the pot + leaf into a clear plastic bag and keep in a bright area but out of direct sunlight. in about a month you should see new plantlets growing fro the leaf. when large enough to handle pot each new plantlet on.

17 Aug, 2010

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