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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I was given a packet of " Chinese Slangen Cucumbers earlier this year. They grew well and as usual I supplied the beighborhood with the plant.. but I've just see in the directions it says to "pinch out the growing tip to encourage side shoots to form"grow when 6 leaves have formed ".
One plant in my greenhouse is already over 3 ft tall but the rest (outside) have about 6 leaves. Should I really pinch out etc. etc ?
No mention is made about removing or not make flowers, should I assume not ?

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Hank, I never had to worry about pinch out my cucumbers. They will naturally sideshoot anyway as they mature. They just need a lot of space to grow. They kind of ramble. Also, not necessary to remove male flowers. This won't help production at all. You can, however, pollinate the female flowers, causing fruit development. The female flowers are attached to a tiny cucumber on the plant. Remove the male flower and use it to pollinate the female flowers - now you got cucumbers!

Also, I think that pot is too small. Can you transplant them into the ground? Cucumbers are tenaciously hungry & thirsty plants. I don't think that pot can support them. Any lacking of water or nutrients for just a short while will affect the quality & taste of the cucumbers.

11 Jun, 2017


Thanks B, yes I can and will put my greenhouse cuc in a bigger pot, and I have 5 outside which usually end up much taller, and with many more cucs.

12 Jun, 2017


The ones you have outside are fine and look good.

12 Jun, 2017


You just made my day.

12 Jun, 2017

How do I say thanks?

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