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Vale of Glamorgan, Wales Wal

I have a Dortman rose which is brilliant, my grand daughter who lives in Lincoln has asked me what rose to plant on her fence, I would definitely advise the dortman, but as I am on very heavy clay soil here in South Wales and they have very sand soil, I am wondering if any one can tell me will the Dortman do well there.



I would suggest that your grand daughter digs in plenty of compost in the planting hole and back fill soil to help retain moisture for the rose. it should then be ok.

11 Jun, 2017


Leaving around 5 cm of coarse compost as a top dressing will also help retain moisture and nutrients, and keep the soil rich for following years. Don't leave the compost piled around the main stem, though!

12 Jun, 2017


Thanks to you both, I just wondered when you are suggesting a plant for someone, it is a bit dicey when they are in another part of the country and completely different soil

12 Jun, 2017


True, but I have found that, while there are many plants that tolerate clay soil, if they have help, very few actually prefer it.

12 Jun, 2017

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