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We have a philadelphus shrub which we bought as it said it was good for seaside areas. However 3 years later is has never flowered although it is thriving as an evergreen. Are we doing something wrong. Should it need special treatment? Thank you



Could you add a photo please Alan, the majority of Philadelphus are deciduous.

12 Jun, 2017


You had several replies to this when you asked it a few days ago so more replies would just be the same. . Philadelphus varieties that grow in the UK are not evergreen and the consensus was that your shrub is something else. Several alternatives were suggested for you to look up on google to see if any of them match yours. You were also asked then for a photo so one of us could probably identify it. We can't get any further until we hear the results of what we suggested before or see a photo or preferably two, one showing the whole bush and one a close shot of a spray of leaves.. If you need help adding a photo to your question just ask - heaps of folk here will be glad to help once we have more info.

12 Jun, 2017

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