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Veratrum album, sneezewort, trouble.

Every year, my Veratrum album comes up looking strong and healthy but then it does this. I used to assume I'd killed it but every year it comes back again. This year I moved it to a sunnier spot to see if that was the problem but, no.

I assume it's a deficiency of something that halts its progress. Anyone able to suggest what I should feed it and when? I would love to get it into flower next year.




This plant doesn't really like sun - it doesn't mind a bit at, say, the end or start of a day, but the leaves look better in shadier conditions. It's partly because it likes a deep, rich, moist soil, so anywhere that gets more sun doesn't stay moist enough, so that might be the problem.

12 Jun, 2017


Thanks Bamboo.

So it seems I've moved it from a place where it couldn't stay moist because the shrubs around it were taking the water to a place where it can't stay moist because it is too open.

Actually it's a 'sunnier' spot rather than full on and, based on your advice, I think that, this year, it may have suffered from the dry April.

I'll try and keep it wetter next year.

Thanks, again.

13 Jun, 2017

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