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Droopy Day Lillies

Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb


I wonder if you could give me some advice (this could become a regular thing-Sorry)

I was give a whole load of day lillies and I have planted them as advised but they seem really droopy. I have one clump that are standing proud but another clump don't seem to have picked up at all.

So they need staking ? Any watering and feeding advice would be massively appreciated too.

Many thanks




Water, and lots of it - you've not said whether these plants were just dug up elsewhere and given to you, or whether they were in pots, but either way, watering frequently and well till they settle in is probably what's required. Without knowing what state they were in when you acquired them, its difficult to say more.

And absolutely no need to apologise for asking advice - that's exactly what this Questions section is for.

14 Jun, 2017


They were dug up from my mothers garden, I will make sure I water well...its so hot out there everything gets so dry. Thanks :)

14 Jun, 2017


In that case, root damage has probably occurred, so keeping them well watered is even more critical, till they put out more roots. You could also reduce the topgrowth (leaves) by a third to a half to give the roots more chance - less work for them to do, trying to support the leaves, and gives a better chance of them forming new little roots.

14 Jun, 2017


OK, whenever you transplant any plant, not just day lilies, it will go through transplant shock. Some plants handle it better than others, some plants can't handle it at all and just die. Day lilies are somewhere in the middle.

They will sulk for a few weeks, but eventually will stand up and resume growth. Don't expect too much from them this first year. Day lilies are fairly drought tolerant, which is one reason I grow them. Give them plenty of sun and keep the soil moist, but don't flood them. Too much water will rot the roots & promote fungal growth. They want to dry out a little between waterings.

15 Jun, 2017


Thank you :)

15 Jun, 2017

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