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Hi all, would someone be kind enough to offer me a bit of advice, this past few years I have bought and planted clamatis and they have all died after only a few weeks, I planted a clamatis multi blue about 3 weeks ago, and some of the stems have started to wither and turn black, I have cut the bad stems off,, is it clamatis wilt or am I just having bad luck,,, thank you in advance

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More likely a water problem, but I can't tell if you've planted into a container or not. If it is a container and its not very deep (should be 18 to 24 inches), that could cause a problem - clematis like a cool and deep root run and always do better in the ground.

16 Jun, 2017


As Bamboo has asked: is it planted in a container or in the ground? Even if it's planted in the ground it needs to be planted at least 3 inches below soil level with a mulch and deep dug with plenty of good soil and peat. I also wonder if there is so much concrete footings for your path and post that it's sucking out all the moisture.

16 Jun, 2017


Dear god, that is the saddest clematis I have ever seen! As has already been said they need a cool, deep root run and I suspect that isn't possible in the situation you have planted in. You are also forcing the plant to grow round wire netting on a pole- not a natural way for a clematis to grow. How well are you keeping watered, does it experience any shade at all, how much soil/compost is in that hole it is planted in and then what is there? Planting clematis in early summer is not, generally a good idea unless you have the perfect spot for them - which this isn't.

16 Jun, 2017


Clematis likes to have its feet in the shade and head in the sun. Plant it so the bottom part is in shade most of the time ...behind a sun blocking garden ornament of some kind. Let it climb up a flat trellis of about 6 ft in height keep the soil moist not wet. Do this next year. If happy the plant will start off slow but will pick up speed very quickly as spring progresses.

16 Jun, 2017


Hi folks thank you all for taking the time to answer and advise, as you can imagine my heart has been broken tyring to grow these lovely plants, it's planted in a square box about 24/24 inch, there is no bottom in it so the roots are straight into the soil, previously I had a few inches of stones covering the plant, I would give it a real good soaking every 4/5 days, I had 3 planted along the fence, but again they died, that area were I've shown in the pictures gets the sun (when it's out) upto about 2 o clock, would you not recommend wire to train them up, this is the first time I've done this,,,, once again folks I can't thank you enough for taking the time to advise me

22 Jun, 2017


Well there shouldn't be a problem with root room given what you've said - clematis wilt always starts at the top of the stem, followed by complete collapse of that particular stem if you don't notice in time, and the whole stem should be cut out at the base as soon as its seen. But its rare for it to keep happening on different plants, so either you've been unlucky with the plants you've bought, the watering regime isn't right, or there's a drainage problem. Clematis don't like to go short of water, but they also don't like their roots sitting in wet soil - as your container is open onto soil at the bottom, is your soil heavy clay? If so, did you dig it over as deeply as possible and add something like composted manure prior to putting your container box over the top? What did you use for potting soil?

22 Jun, 2017


Once again folks thank you for your response, Bamboo I have been using multi purpose compost, and adding gro sure slow release food, along my back fence I have planted climbing roses, and they are doing fine, hi moon grower, I live in Belfast, Ireland ?? and believe me we don't get that much sun having said that this past few weeks it's been glorious, when we do get it, the plant is in shade from about 2 O'clock onwards, once again folks thank you for taking the time to answer

23 Jun, 2017

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