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By Hywel

Carmarthenshire, Wales Wal

I have a beautiful Diarama and it's better than ever this year. I would like to divide it, so that I'll have two. Is it possible to do this please, and also when and how should it be done.
Thank you



If yours is anything like mine then the corms are so deep that digging them out would be a major mining job.
If you can save and sow seeds, they usually produce plants of much the same colour as the original, but not always and you never know you may get a few different ones.
Otherwise best time is when the plant is dormant.

17 Jun, 2017


Thank you. I'll try it some seeds :)

17 Jun, 2017


I have some small plants of a deepish redy pink if you'd like some Hywel? should flower next year hopefully.

17 Jun, 2017


A kind goyer sent me a young one few years ago and it grew on with no problems Wish I'd known you'd like some seeds but its maybe the same pink as yours.

17 Jun, 2017


Thanks for all your comments :)

Never mind Sue, I never thought of trying the seeds myself but I'll sow some this year.

Seaburngirl I've sent you a PM

18 Jun, 2017

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