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I am new to gardening and we have just cleared the back border and I want to make the earth there a bit more fertile if that is the right word, so that in the spring when I start planting there it will be good soil.



Have you got a compost heap going in your garden? That's the first and best way of keeping your soil fertile. More than one is even better, so that the rotted and 'brewed' heap can be used while you add to the second one.

Get hold of a load of horse manure if you can, and let it rot down. Then you can dig that in. That does wonders for all sorts of plants, particularly roses and othe 'hungry' plants. Don't use it fresh, though - it can burn the roots.

If you can't get any, you can buy packs from your Garden Centre, but obviously at a price.

18 Aug, 2010


Thank you that has been very helpful.

18 Aug, 2010


You're welcome. :-) Happy gardening!

18 Aug, 2010


If you are not going to plant until spring cover with mulch to stop weed growth.

18 Aug, 2010

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