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Fern roots?

Just dug out a huge fern (wrong weather for doing it really, but needs must) Removed all the growth points, but there are lots of hard to remove fibrous roots. Question is, will the fern regrow from these?



Yes. Some ferns are very aggressive. The wood next to mine is neglected, and the ferns have come charging through a stone wall and are trying to invade. I have another type that the roots blend in with the soil, so its hard to see all the pieces until they regrow.

19 Jun, 2017


If you dig out the rhizome I wouldn't expect the smaller roots to regenerate but if they do please do let us know!
I think the only aggressive fern in the UK really is bracken, which cares nothing for the rules...

20 Jun, 2017


Not a Bracken, more likely to be a Dryopteris than anything else.
Hope it has gone, I have filled 3 compost bags with fibrous roots and I am sure I missed a lot more.

21 Jun, 2017

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