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Hi again, my petunia are still not well! the leaves are still going yellow and limp, I have been watering themfrom the bottom and have not fed since last advise, that I could of over fed them. I have fuchsia in with them and they are doing fine. I have taken pics on my phone but do not know how to get them on here, I connected my phone to lap top, the flwers on the petunia look healthy but it seems to be getting higher up the stem.
Is it a fungus that came from over watering and not watering from roots?????




No. Powdery mildew (if that's what they've got, as mentioned in one of your previous posts) is not related to other fungal infections, it stands alone. If you're seeing powdery or dusty spots or areas, spray with 2 parts cow's milk to 8 parts water, repeat as necessary.

If there's now no evidence of powdery mildew, are there healthy leaves towards the top of the plants,with the yellowing, limp ones near the bottom? Are the pots big enough? Is there any sign of aphid infestation? What potting soil did you use? How tall are the petunias - I'm assuming they're not trailing ones. A photo or two would be useful - if you can upload the photos onto your laptop, tablet or computer, you might be able to add them to a question from there, or log into Grows on You on your phone and try to upload the photos from your Gallery/Images on the phone.

19 Jun, 2017

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