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Clover in lawn. Good or bad? This year seem to have a lot of flowering clover in my lawn. Haven't seen much wildlife on the flowers? Is it good for lawn or just another weed? Apologies for state of lawn but with lack of rain, builders trampeling on it and a son playing football I'm hardly surprised!

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Well its not great because it spreads over time. You're noticing it now because the rest of the lawn isn't very green (presumably lack of rain) but clover leaves remain green. You can live with it or try treating the lawn with Verdone 2.

19 Jun, 2017


Ok. I think it is spreading so will nip it n the bud! Thanks.

19 Jun, 2017


If the lawn is yellowish and/or puny looking, and the clover is lush and green, it may mean a nitrogen deficiency in the soil, since clover makes its own nitrogen fertilizer from the air. Long term, the best cure is to spread a rich compost on the lawn once or twice a year, to add nitrogen, to encourage soil organisms, which is the way the soil "stores" nitrogen, and/or to encourage free-living nitrogen fixing bacteria.

23 Jun, 2017

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