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Purple Sprouting Broccoli Bolting?
My plants look healthy but in the last week they have developed flowers in the middle. Are they bolting or have I been sold something else? It has been rather hot.....




Nope you've got the right plant. They need to flower - that is what you eat and, you will need an awful lot of flower heads to give you a half way decent plate of purple sprouting!

19 Jun, 2017


But they don't normally flower yet. I was expecting that to happen around March next year!

20 Jun, 2017


When did you plant them - may be having an effect on their flowering now. The plants do seem rather small and too close together, 75cm between plants is recommended.

20 Jun, 2017


They were planted out 27May.
They are spaced at 35cm & are about 35cm tall.

No matter, I have bought some more plants and will replace them when we've eaten the flowers the present ones are producing.

20 Jun, 2017


Just make sure you give them 75cm space on all sides, they grow ion big plants as you know :)

20 Jun, 2017

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