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Plants with the name MARY.
My late wife was named Mary and I have or aware of the following plants, Lavateria Mary Hope. Osteospermum Sunny Mary. Gentian Mary Lyle. Gentian Mary field Erodium Maryla,
I do intend making a small collection of these plants so any other plants you can name I would be very grateful.
Thanks Quech



Fuchsia 'Mary' T,
Fuchsia Mary Lady (Ear Drops).
David Austin Mary Magdalene rose bush.
Jerusalem 'Herb of Mary'

21 Jun, 2017


Ladyessex, what on earth is Jerusalem 'Herb of Mary'?

Clematis viticella Mary Rose, if you have room for a climber - should be cut down in winter. And a shrub rose with highly fragrant pink flowers from David Austen called Mary Rose.

21 Jun, 2017



21 Jun, 2017


Omphalodes "Blue eyed Mary" (Likes some shade)

Salvia divinorum is herb of Mary.

21 Jun, 2017


Oh blimey - Salvia divinorum has psychoactive properties, known to induce 'visions', more properly known as hallucinations...

21 Jun, 2017

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