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By Shahida

essex, United Kingdom Gb

Hello,I bought Freesia this year.both are in pot and flowered .what should I do now? I know they are pranniels so should I keep them in the pots??please guide me.



Well now is your chance to decide what you want to do with them. They grow from a corm, bloom in spring, then go dormant. They have grown larger and may have divided. I would suggest you dump the pots out to see what you have. You can make more pots, plant some in the garden, get rid of any that have gone mushy, etc. At least you can give them new potting soil and a larger pot.

If you get milder winters, just keep them in their pots with only slightly moist soil. You can put a layer of mulch on top to buffer against the harsh cold. They need a cool scarcely moist condition while dormant. In my case, I'd move them into the garage or basement over winter.

21 Jun, 2017


Before you do all that wait until the leaves have died back, and feed regularly. This is the time they will be building up next years flowers.

If they have died back already and you didn't feed you may not get flowers next year but you can still start them off next year, grow them on in good compost,feeding them before the leaves die . You will most likely miss a years flowers so it all depends whether you prefer to do this or just buy new bulbs.

In either case follow Bathgate's overwintering instructions.

21 Jun, 2017


Thank you Bathgate and Steragram

21 Jun, 2017


Good catch Stera. I'm glad that you mentioned that. You're welcome!

21 Jun, 2017

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