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To pot or not to pot. (I mean re pot. But there you go)
I have 2 mother inlaw plants that are over 25 yrs old. They were in one pot once but split. Currently they are in 14 cm pots & are 0ver 1ft high & healthy enough. However I met someone that gave my daughter a huge one saying "I frequently re pot mine & they are a lot bigger than yours so re pot them" I was not using deliberate neglect as a growing technique......Oddly enough the 2 I have are different...One with yellow outer stripe (the parent)& 1 without. One parent leaf is damaged but I have left it there. Any yay or nay?



Do you want them to get bigger or would you prefer to contain their size? If the latter & they are OK in the present pots you could leave them there, or pot on if you want bigger plants.

22 Jun, 2017


The idea of a bonsai Mother in Law might appeal to some people.

22 Jun, 2017


bonsai Mother in Law....hmm......she is frail & small.....where was I? Mind boggles. The plants are growing. One leans against the wall so if it is falling iver it needs more security I guess

22 Jun, 2017


They like to be crowded--unlike most mother in laws--but the taller varieties like to be crowded in a 30 cm pot, rather than in a 15 cm pot. When repotting, don't go up in size too much at a time: 5 cm at a time is good. A crunchy, fast draining compost works best, and don't plant them any deeper than in the original pot.

22 Jun, 2017


Ah No deeper Interesting Cheers

2 Jul, 2017

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