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A tale of 2 Oleanders. I have 2 with pale yellow flowers. 1 is fine with good blooms 2nd one has more flowers but they have brown edges & some never opened. Over or under watered? Is there a good time for cuttings or should oleander be left well alone with poisonous sap?

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No problem with the poison, Bill, unless you swallow it or inject it. It won't normally absorb through intact skin.
Browning of the flowers as you describe is usually caused by wilting in between soakings, or sometimes by poor drainage. Is the one browning getting more sun? If so, you may have to water it more often.

23 Jun, 2017


Browning one is about to flower again. I water when dry so as not to over water. I have a 3rd one on a north facing window lagging behind,,no buds yet

2 Jul, 2017


Oleanders won't bloom unless they get at least 6 hours of direct sun a day--or as close as can be managed in the UK. :)
As for the browning one, as long as the drainage isn't compromised, it is hard to overwater them. I would only let the top 1/2 cm of compost dry between soakings.

3 Jul, 2017

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