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I have a beautiful salix integra which I am trying to grow into a tree, however it has four stems, how can I prune it back so it grows from one stem to resemble a trunk.



Hi, welcome to GoY, it will look a bit odd, but there's no way to do it, other than taking out the other 3 stems, this plant is a shrub, growing somewhere between 6 and 20 ft high, there's no way you can turn it into a tree, sorry, Derek.

22 Jun, 2017


Agree with Derek never intended to be a tree as such.

22 Jun, 2017


There are two images of what it says is this variety on Google Images trained into a very small tree, but it must have been trained like that from the very beginning.

22 Jun, 2017


Not sure if I'm doing this correctly, but thank you for your answers. What a wonderful website

22 Jun, 2017

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