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hi, my sister has given me 7 Christmas rose's they are about 5in's high I need to know how high they will grow upwards and sideway's i'm keeping them in pot's so I can move them around



Depends on the variety, there are several different varieties of Hellebore and some are bigger than others - heights vary between 30cm-1.2 metres, and spread between 45-90 cm. More info here

23 Jun, 2017


If they are actually true Christmas roses, Helleborus niger they will not grow very tall - round about a foot max. But most Hellebores will be taller and make large clumps given time. Can you remember what time of year your sister's flower? Do you get a single white flower per stem quite low down usually in mid winter (like those on Chrstmas cards)
or something on a larger scale altogether? Ask your sister if you can't remember.

24 Jun, 2017

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