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I have had a Salix Flamingo tree flowering beautifully in my garden for 15 years this spring it flowered and then went brown and dried up, I cannot understand why this has happened can anbody help.

Img_0016 Img_0017 Img_0018



the same happened to mine. I just took the brown leaves off and then gave it a really good watering every day for a week and then twice a week and it has come back. Mine are nowhere near as big as yours though.

23 Jun, 2017


The pictures you've provided are not a high enough resolution for me to see the white stuff at the base of the trunk clearly - it looks like fungal growth, but can you take a close up of that area please, unless you know there's a simple explanation for the white areas that is not fungal related.

23 Jun, 2017

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