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we have had our Cordyline tree, now about 30 odd years, since planting from small pot, its now 20 odd foot tall, is it advisable to cut top growth as getting so close to the house, obviously shouldn't have planted it so close, but never really thought he'd grow, but he did and I love the tree,




Gorgeous, Whiteberry! I have my own ideas, but I need to hear what experts such as Bamboo say, since that species doesn't grow in my climate. I'm familiar with tree-type Yuccas and Beaucarnea, but there may be pitfalls with Cordyline that I am unaware of.

24 Jun, 2017


It shouldn't cause a problem - the only risk is if its unhealthy, particularly soft areas in the trunk, and it falls against the house in high winds. But if you want to shorten it, it should really have been done in early June, though you can risk it now if you like. Make any pruning cuts at an angle to allow rain to run off though.

24 Jun, 2017


Agree with Bamboo. From my recollection, the roots are very soft and should cause no problem with the foundations.

24 Jun, 2017

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