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I want to pull a woody shrub back up against a wall as it has grown away from said wall




Hi Richard and welcome to GoY. The shrub has probably pulled away to get more light, if this is the case it will keep doing so.

24 Jun, 2017


Agree with previous answer - unfortunately, it was planted too close to the wall in the first place. When planting shrubs or climbers, they should be a minimum of a foot, preferably 18 inches, away from a wall or fence, otherwise, this is what happens. I can't tell what the shrub is (Camellia maybe?) but perhaps its time to remove it and replant with another plant altogether, preferably something that doesn't have such a rounded growth habit - that narrow border isn't wide enough for such a plant.

24 Jun, 2017


It's lopsided and asymmetrical. It will not grow to where there is no sun. This is a shrub and not a clinging plant that uses a wall for growth and support. The bottom is getting long and leggy and in the not to distant future it will bend over completely in a heavy rain or ice storm. I suggest that you take it out and replace it with something like a climbing rose if you have the light exposure for that.

25 Jun, 2017


With a marvellous wall like that I'd have a couple of cordon fruit trees and a clematis or even a Hydrangea petiolaris.

25 Jun, 2017

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