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Having wanted agapanthus for years I finally bought some. Our friendly nursery said the thinner the leaves the hardier it would be. However he only had one variety, Amourette. The leaves looked slim to me but when reading about it online the advice is to protect it from hard frosts.
Can anyone give some clarification on this please?



The hardiest ones are the Headbourne hybrids, the most tender Agapanthus africanus, or evergreen ones with broad leaves.

Can't find much info about Amourette - there's Amourette blue, listed as frost tender, but then so is Agapanthus Navy Blue, and I planted that in someone's garden 6 years ago and its still going strong, even though the soil is heavy clay and the area's north facing, so no sun in winter.

You'll probably get away with it so long as we don't have a hard winter like the one in 2010.

25 Jun, 2017


I couldn't find much on Amourette either, Bamboo. I was hoping you'd know. Still, I intend to plant both in their pots in the ground. That way I can bring them in if a bad winter is on the cards.
Your help is appreciated.

25 Jun, 2017

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