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Purple/pink flowering plant without a name, can you help me put a name to it please.




is it an annual or a perennial? it looks familiar but I cant put a name to it yet.

25 Jun, 2017


I was thinking Brachyscome iberidifolia, but the foliage doesn't look quite right. The ray flowers are a bit broad for most Asters...hmmm.

25 Jun, 2017


I thought Coreopsis but can't be sure.

26 Jun, 2017


Hi Sheila, my first thought was Erigeron Dignity, but doesn't look quite right for that either, Derek.

26 Jun, 2017


I think Jimmytheone is on the right track. It looks like a variety or hybrid of Coreopsis rosea. I just haven't been able to find one that matches.

27 Jun, 2017

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