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Could I lay cut turf slabs on top of concrete?



Yes - it'll take about week, maybe two if its raining, to die. Turf has roots at the bottom, and those roots, when laid onto soil, grow into the soil to keep the grass healthy. Even if you put a layer of soil on the concrete, the drainage will be so poor the grass won't survive.

27 Jun, 2017


In other words, no, no, no!

27 Jun, 2017


If it's not too big an area, then Astro Turf might be the answer. Beware, though, if it's in the front garden, Astro Turf has been know to go missing as it's quite expensive.

27 Jun, 2017


No Strollerboy, definitely not. You'd be wasting all your money and effort. You'll need to come up with a better solution...can we help? Put a photo on or let us know what the area is like and we may be able to help.

27 Jun, 2017

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