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By Derekm

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all, unfortunately, due to illness last autumn, I wasn't able to make a compost heap, I therefore have nothing to use as a mulch, I have looked on the net, and there are 3 possibilities, first there's 1 called 'strulch' which is composted straw, chopped and nutrients added, supposed to last up to 2 years, 2nd is 1 called 'blackgold' and last 1 is small bark chippings from b & q, which works out the cheapest, but I get the impression that this is more decorative than useful, question is has anyone used any of the above, and which 1 would you recommend, Derek.



Depends how long you want the mulch to last for really, and whether your primary purpose is to increase soil fertility or conserve moisture. I've never used any of the products you list other than bark chips, which I complained about (not B &Q) because there were too many chunky parts and bits of fencing in with it, so I used playbark instead. Bark lasts longer, takes longer to break down - if I just want a fertility mulch with a temporary water conservation effect, I always use composted manure.

28 Jun, 2017


Thanks Bamboo, all I want it for is to conserve moisture, and hopefully keep the weeds down a little, some of the claims made for the first 2 products are a little far fetched I think, I can't see composted straw lasting 2 years, to be honest, Derek.

28 Jun, 2017


Sounds like a job for bark chips then, though I dislike them enormously... so long as they're small ones, they should do the job and not look bad.

28 Jun, 2017


Thanks Bamboo, I think you're right, a lot depends on how small their small is, I'll have to see it first I think, it's on offer at £22 for 4 x 100 litre bags, almost half the price of the other 2, and if you spend £50 or more, you get free delivery, saving £20, Derek.

28 Jun, 2017


Did you want it for a thick mulch around individual plants or as a general weed suppressant? Some time ago, I was using New Horizon Mix and Mulch to spread over a whole bed as a weed suppressant and it worked well and made an average garden look good. I believe it is a finely ground bark product. You could use quite thickly around single plants.

29 Jun, 2017


Hi Jimmy, the main objective is to retain moisture, but weed suppressant would be a bonus, I'll have a look at this, it sounds promising, thanks, Derek.

29 Jun, 2017

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