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Hi there, help!!! All my runner bean flowers are falling off!! Plants look really healthy and I have also been feeding. Yellow flower variety if that is any help



The big question is; What exactly have you been feeding them? My sense is that it's a nitrogen based fertilizer. That would cause lush green leafy growth & the plants to cast their blossoms. Hold off on that.

29 Jun, 2017


Sounds as though they may not have been pollinated - we do have a shortage of pollinators. In spells of dry weather you could try spraying wth a fine jet of water in the evening.

29 Jun, 2017


yes, but not every last one of them Stera. You'd expect at least a couple to pollinate.

29 Jun, 2017


Have you had dry weather ? My father always sprayed runner beans with water in a dry spell. He used to say it prevented the flowers from falling off.

I don't know if a high nitrogen feed would cause the flowers to fall. It may cause the plant to produce lots of leaves and less flowers, but I don't think it would cause any flowers already there to fall off.

29 Jun, 2017


Beans have loads of flowers and have been watered regularly and given tomato feed 1-2 a wk. Will try spraying in the evening. Thanks

30 Jun, 2017


Once or twice a week? That's pretty heavy feeding for any plant. Most soluble foods should be applied about once every two to four weeks. Are these plants in pots? If so, how often do you water?

30 Jun, 2017

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