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I have 2 Bay Bushes,one is ok,but the other one's leaves have turned brown and dried up,any thoughts please?




Going by your picture, it seems that you are growing the bay trees as indoor plants. They would become too hot and the glass would magnify they light. They need to go outside and in bigger pots being fed and watered on a regular basis.

29 Jun, 2017


thanks,it has been outside apart from today,and it has been fed and watered regulary,the other one is fine

29 Jun, 2017


It needed a bigger pot. I don't think its going to recover.Were you trying to grow it as a standard or a bush?
If the other one is like this and you want a small standard you should remove all the bottom growth and pot it on into a larger size.

29 Jun, 2017


Only one Pot is "ill" I will repot both of them.
They were given as a present,just for show.

30 Jun, 2017


I don't think the sick one is going to get better though.
Whether grown for show or not you still need to decide between standard and bush. A standard has a tall bare trunk with a rounded bush of growth at the top, and a bush has the rounded bush shape with no trunk. If this is intended as decoration outside a front door etc you probably want a standard which is why I advise you to remove the shoots coming from what should be the bare part of the trunk. Plants grown for show need just as much care as any others if they are to remain looking good.
If you need any more help don't hesitate to ask.

1 Jul, 2017



2 Jul, 2017

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