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I have 2 cucumbers which are approx 60 to 70 days old both are huge and they are a white light green slightly light yellow colour firm but havnt turned dark green have I done something wrong or should I pick them now??




Hi, have you been overwatering? Too much water can take out nutrients from the soil or are they a white variety called pearl? If they are growing in those troughs they don't look deep enough. Cucumbers need a lot of soil. Give them a good feed containing phosphorus, tomato feed is good for them and don't water too much.

29 Jun, 2017


well I'd be tempted to remove one and cut into it and see if it looks right inside. if it does then you have a white skinned variety that's all.

30 Jun, 2017


It looks like one of several naturally white-skinned varieties. It might have been mislabeled at the nursery, or seed company. Try one soon: 60-70 days is old for a cucumber, and you want to catch them before they turn bitter. That is slow to happen with the white varieties, though.

30 Jun, 2017

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