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My garden is full of Moss if I use a turf lifter to get rid of old lawn will the Moss go as well??



No, not necessarily. If the moss is all over your garden, beds, borders, lawn and paving, then I assume the area is very shady,and in those conditions, moss will reappear.

If its only in your lawn, lawns grown in shady conditions do get moss ridden over winter, especially if regular lawn maintenance is not carried out, such as lawn mosskillers, lawn food, regular mowing, scarification and aeration periodically, watering in drought conditions, re seeding bare patches as necessary. If your lawn is in really deep shade, its better to consider not trying to grow grass in such an area.

If you're just asking whether a turf lifter to strip your turf out will also take away moss, yes, it will, if its in the lawn, but it will return if you don't dig the area over and keep it cultivated.

1 Jul, 2017


Thank you, but the lawn is well sunny no shade front garden all other gardens have moss as well in Grove no beds lawn only??

1 Jul, 2017


Okay, its sunny now in summer, but is it sunny in winter? If it faces north, it won't be. Things that encourage moss to grow are; cutting your lawn too short all the time; never doing any lawn maintenance; shade, even if that's only in winter, and heavy, wet soil.Things moss doesn't like are nitrogenous feeds (as in lawn food), longer grass or at least a lawn that isn't scalped, full sun, good drainage.

If you decide to remove the turf that's there, prepare the area properly before laying new turf - that means digging it over, removing any weed roots, adding composted materials (good garden compost, composted manure, that sort of thing), letting it settle for a week or two, then rake and level, walk all over it on your heels closely spaced to get out any soft spots, rake and level again, then lay your turf. And afterwards, mow correctly and as often as it needs it, aerate annually, feed twice a year in the growing season, scarify every couple of years or so, seed any bald patches that arise to prevent moss colonising the space. A special autumn version of lawn food can help to deter moss over winter.

1 Jul, 2017


Thanks bamboo you have been very helpful the garden faces south to west full sun

1 Jul, 2017


South westerly aspect? Not a bad aspect for preventing moss... but if you have heavy soil and you live somewhere with high rainfall, its definitely worth incorporating composted materials into the area if you take the lawn up and replace.

1 Jul, 2017


Thanks bamboo will take your advice

1 Jul, 2017

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