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By Punsa

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Why have my rambling and climbing roses died so soon and will they flower again this year



I assume you mean the flowers have finished, rather than the rose plants have actually died altogether.

If the roses are Ramblers, they only flower once in a year, in one main flush lasting about 6 weeks, and won't flower again till the following year. Climbing roses are repeat flowering, so they produce flowers, might pause a bit, and then more flowers - but they do need deadheading. All roses should be deadheaded properly, but in the case of repeat flowering roses, if they are allowed to form lots of hips because they're not deadheaded, this often reduces the number of repeat flowers.

If you have shrub roses, most of those flower in one main flush rather than repeat flowering, unlike hybrid tea and floribunda bush types.

2 Jul, 2017


Thank you Bamboo for your reply.

3 Jul, 2017

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