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Is there anyone out there that knows about ponds & plants, I have a lovely water lily that's leaves seem to wanna get out of the pond, should I cut them off :o))




Sure, thin it out to give it more room or you can reach in there and take out the whole root ball and divide it in half to get a smaller plant. I do this all the time, otherwise they will fill in and choke the pond. Don't be reluctant to do this pond plants are very resilient. With my water lotus I get down flat on my belly reach in and cut it back underwater.

2 Jul, 2017


Thanks for the info Loosestrife x

2 Jul, 2017


You are very welcome!

2 Jul, 2017


its a sign of overcrowding. they wont come to any harm so either remove some now as suggested or wait until spring and lift the root stock and divide it up. I usually use an old bread knife to slice through the root stock.

2 Jul, 2017


Brings to mind SBG, one should always have on hand a blade sharpener. The tungsten carbide ones they sell at the hardware store will keep an old knife, scissors or garden shears as sharp as a razor and I now prefer them to the oil stones.

2 Jul, 2017


Yes that is so true Loosetrife2, my oh regularly sharpens all the blades on tools and the kitchen knives. sharp knives are less likely to slip and cut yourself.

3 Jul, 2017

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