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Hi, I have a mature southern magnolia tree which is unfortunately in the wrong place (long term plans to expand our property) I do not want to lose it, therefore have researched (not green fingered) how to take cutting, believe 'ball root cutting' is best. My question: WHEN should I do this? It's currently flowering, but from research it states Sept/Oct; surly if ball root the time doesn't matter. Is this the best method? Thanks for your help in advance,



'Southern magnolia' is an American common name for Magnolia grandiflora - if that's the plant you mean, I'm not sure what you mean by ball root cutting. Propagation of Magnolia grandiflora can be by seed, layering in early spring, or semi ripe cuttings from now through till early autumn. Info here, see under propagation

2 Jul, 2017


Southern Magnolia, also called Sweet Bay is a beautiful tree and the most popular magnolia in the U.S. especially south of Virginia. They hate being moved and don't take kindly to being pruned or chopped or messed with. They don't really ever recover and are easily blown over.

To propagate a cutting is an interesting project and it may flower for you after 5-7 years.

I would advocate cutting down the unfortunate tree and plant a new tree where you want it to be.

2 Jul, 2017


Are you referring to "Cutting Globes", Littleh?
If so, that is a commercial product to facilitate air layering, Bamboo. I have never used them, and I couldn't say whether they are easier or more effective than the old plastic film and sphagnum moss method or not.

2 Jul, 2017

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