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I have always had lots of fruit on my gooseberry bushes and used to cut them back in the autumn. They were cut back hard last year and this year there isn't as much as one gooseberry! any idea why?
Also the same has happened with my raspberries, although they were not cut back!!



It does depend to a large extent on how you cut them back. If you cut back hard that could explain it. Gooseberries do best with two prunings a year, one in early summer tipping back all the new growth to a few buds,which will mainly be where the flowers will appear, and one in February taking our crossing branches, shortening the leaders a little if necessary (but not drastically!)and making sure there is open space in the centre of the bush. (Horrible job...) Fertilize with sulphate of potash after the February prune.
This has always produced reliably heayy crops for me.

Don't know abut the rasps - are they summer fruiters fruiting on last years new canes or autumn ones fruiting on this years?

3 Jul, 2017

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