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By Rohima

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hello everyone. I want to plant an apple and a plum tree this autumn.Can any one reccommend a good variety for each one and also a trusty mail order firm to purchase from. Thank you.



well personaly i cant help you with the type of fruit trees but i can help you purches them . i think its worth looking for a supplier of trees etc in your area and go and buy them strate from them . they will probably have the information you want at wear you buy the trees or on the internet .id buy them in early spring and plant them then to .i think its worth buying your trees personaly as they can be with you long long time and sometimes you prefer the shape of one tree to another . another thing you cant do mail order . ive got an ornimentle cherry tree i baught from a little garden centre for £10 and its the perfect shape above my white curved seat . its on one of my blogs if you want to look .as for mail order i cant help but say you often get badly treated plants that have been in transit a long time . its all more stressfull . some plants like roses i believe and a lot of bulbs are more than happy to be posted .

19 Aug, 2010


You have a valid point there Noseypotter and i do have a good garden nursery close by that i can visit. Thank you. It's deciding on the varieties thats going to be the hard task.

20 Aug, 2010


welll they could well help you if you tell them what kind of apples you like .

20 Aug, 2010

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