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I would like to know if this little maple tree will survive if I move it to a big pot. I'm looking to fill this bed with some more seasons plants and mix it up a little.

He hasn't really grown too much in the 2yrs he's been in that spot so I'm not sure it's the best place for it anyway.





It'll be alright in a large pot for a while, but its roots may be widespread by now and therefore difficult to fit into a pot. This variety of Acer grows quite slowly and forms a mound of foliage which is usually much wider than it is tall, so it needs quite a lot of space around it.

2 Jul, 2017


Lovely wee Acer but not going to take kindly to a pot after having the run of the ground. As Bamboo says the root structure is going to be larger than you probably think

2 Jul, 2017


Done right now it might go into shock and have a major leaf drop. When would be the best time to move it?

2 Jul, 2017


Mid autumn if Karenbro really must, but given the diameter of the canopy I still wonder how well it will survive. Karenbro this particular acer isn't going to grow tall it is one of the low, weeping type ones.

3 Jul, 2017


Oh thank you all for your advice! maybe I will leave him where he is. He's a sweet little guy and I don't want to stress it out by moving.

Surely its ok to plant something near him though that doesnt root too deeply? like some meadow flowers etc?

What do you think.

3 Jul, 2017


No problem planting near the acer, we have several like this and so long as you leave about a foot around the trunk you can plant bulbs or anything else that isn't going to grow too tall. Remember though the leaf canopy will be just about down to the ground.

3 Jul, 2017


I planted one in my daughters garden over 15 years ago. To keep it to the space she wanted filled I just trim it back.

4 Jul, 2017

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