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By Slimdil

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

Embarassing beetroots!!! What is the secret of growing decent sized beets?? I have plenty greenery - but very small beets. I had intended to enter some in the village show this weekend - but they would definitely gain the booby prize! I won't put a photo on - trust me - they're small!



Did you thin them out Slimdil?

19 Aug, 2010


I've grown beetroot for the very first time ever this year. I personally found them to be all sizes. Though some that have been sown in situ & not moved are making enormous roots! I do give them plenty of water but they have had no form of feeding at all. The soil hadn't been prepared either. I can't offer you any more advice as this is my first time & I've had no problems at all with them.

Hope someone else can give you a more satisfactory answer.

19 Aug, 2010


In my experience, to get big beets, or any root veggie, make the soil soft and well drained, make sure the plants are well spaced, give them plenty of water, and feed them regularly with a high potash fertilizer.

19 Aug, 2010


Mine last year were so small I threw them on the compost but this year moved the sowing of them to a different space and followed Tugbrethils advice and they're plenty big enough. Try again next year.

19 Aug, 2010


We sowed our beetroot seed in situ in well dug-over ground that had been manured at the end of the previous Autumn and three days ago I pulled up a 2 lb monster! I thought it may be 'woody' as it was so big, but it was delicious!

19 Aug, 2010


Dido - The problem has probably been that I didn't thin them out sufficiently. My least favourite job in the garden and I'm always a bit lax with it!! I also have a heavy, clay soil - which I worked some compost into to help it, along with a little bonemeal. I didn't feed them at all. I'll try harder next year - honestly!!

Thanks for all the help.

19 Aug, 2010

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