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Cambs, United Kingdom Gb

Yellow Plums. I have kilos & kilos of them still down on the trees on the allotment. Any suggestions as to what to do with them? Like the cooking apples they are just rotting on the ground. :-( How can I cook some & keep others? Suggestions please!



You can freeze them whole (after washing them of course) or puree some down and freeze in plastic containers - jam - plum cheese (bit like lemon curd) jellies, pies, plum cake. All these things you can google and get more recipes. You could also do a swap with your fellow allotmenters as they may grow something that you dont - thats what we do on ours.

19 Aug, 2010


We puree ours then freeze in containers and make crumbles and tarts through the winter.

19 Aug, 2010


Thank you for your suggestions. There are 3 trees on Gerry's allotments. They have such a lot of fruit & it seems a crying shame to leave it to rot - there's only so much you can eat at one time!

19 Aug, 2010


Is there an old folks home nearby, they might like to make some crumble or fruit tart for a pudding ??

19 Aug, 2010


Plum chutney! Tastes just like a popular named type of pickle (B******n).

20 Aug, 2010


Thank you very much once again for your suggestions but how do I make these things? I'm afraid I'm very ignorant in these matter never having had to make them for myself before!

Could somebody please explain how to make jam & chutney? I have no idea how to do them!

Once I have a few instructions I can copy & paste them into a Word Doc & then print them out - like I did for the crumble instructions several people gave me.

21 Aug, 2010


I made some into jam the other day but used too much water! :-( The next day I put it all back in the saucepan & boiled it for about an hour. Now it's a lot thicker. I haven't got around to trying out yet but will give it a try very soon.

25 Aug, 2010


Just had a sandwich made with the plum jam I made - turned out much thicker than it should have been - almost like toffee!!! Never mind we live & learn! :-D Nevertheless it was very tasty! :-)

25 Aug, 2010

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