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Can anyone identify this rose please.
I bought two of these roses earlier this year labelled as winter white, which I presumed was the name. I have searched the internet and have been unable to find a rose by this name, nor can I seem to match the rose to a picture for identification. It has only just bloomed and is a climbing rose which is fragranced. So I'm hoping a GoY member can help. Thank you




Mme Alfred Carriere perhaps?

Never heard of the variety Winter White and I work a lot with roses.

19 Aug, 2010


Thanks Fractal - I've looked it up on David Austin roses and it looks very similar. It does state though, it's almost thornless, mine has thorns about 2 - 3 inches apart - not sure how thorny it makes it. Also seems to of been besieged by problems aphids, rust I think and curling leaves, but I sprayed it and not having much to lose chopped it back quite a lot where the leaves had disappeared and the new growth is very healthy and flowers have bloomed. Smells lovely and is looking good now and that's the main thing. Many thanks for your reply.

22 Aug, 2010

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