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Does anybody know what this is?




Foliage looks a bit like a honeysuckle but it could be one of your own native plants. hopefully a member from USA will be able to help you.

5 Jul, 2017


Sure looks like honeysuckle. If you did not purchase and plant this but found this growing on its own it could be Japanese honeysuckle which is very invasive. If you don't desire to have it get a little spray bottle of Roundup and kill it.

5 Jul, 2017


It isn't growing like Japanese Honeysuckle, or it's cousin Woodbine. Maybe Fly Honeysuckle (Lonicera xylosteum)?

5 Jul, 2017


More eco friendly to dig it up than spray it as its the only one...

5 Jul, 2017


I was thinking about recommending lifting it out Stera but miss a root and it will come back. Glycophosphate assures a total end to it. Maybe it's me too. At my age I spray down more than I lift out these days.

5 Jul, 2017


Well if the enquirer has to use glyphosate make sure its just that not one of the trade names like Roundup as they are even worse, having other additives. We used to think it left no soil residues but sadly they've discovered that it does and it can be taken up by food plants. 30 percent of British wheat contains traces of glyphosate now, which is scary.
Its an organophosphorus compound - organophosphorus used to be used by vets as a flea killer but banned for that use now. I do use it when I abslolutely have to but its a last resort.

5 Jul, 2017

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