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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I've always thought I've done quite well with my tomato plants, but the question is - could I do better ? My "technique" is as follows -
I give them about half a litre in the bottom tray every morning, unless I feed them as in the second and third paras. If the trays are empty by evening I give them a little more.
Twice a week in the mornings I feed them with half a litre ofdiluted comfrey juice in the top of the pots.
Once or twice a week I feed them with half a litre of water containing tomorite in the tops of their pots.
But is this correct ? I really don't know but would very much like to.




Well, Hank, you could do a lot of research and follow a different regime, but honestly, its not about doing it by the book, its about doing what works. So long as you're content with the yield and the health of the plants, carry on - if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Here's the RHS page on growing tomatoes if you're interested

5 Jul, 2017


Hank you worry too much...

5 Jul, 2017


I really expected someone to come up with a cracking little tip, or at least adjust the amounts I use. Have I really got everything right then ?

5 Jul, 2017


Are your plants healthy? Do they grow well? Are the fruits abundant, well formed and without symptoms such as blossom end rot and the like? If the answer's yes to all those, then there's nothing anyone needs to teach you about tomato growing.

5 Jul, 2017


Thanks guys, I've got the message. No more worries.

5 Jul, 2017

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