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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Someone suggested making a lot of comfrey juice rather than the usual gallon or so,and having access to a huge bunch of comfrey within a 3 minute's drive I soon had a large container full.
I've been adding further comfrey and water as the level has gone down but the mixture is now black and looks pretty awful. Will it be ok or should I use it up and make some fresh ?




Is this suppose to be a compost tea? What is the purpose of preparing it like this rather than just adding it to the compost bin or as a cover crop? Is this a foliar spray?

6 Jul, 2017


I think you can still use it Hank though it may not smell of roses! Why not try some on one plant and see what happens? We only find things out by trial and error if nobody comes up with an answer. Put a clothes peg on your nose first...

7 Jul, 2017


Thanks S, I spread it round the bottoms of my tomato plants this morning - couldn't smell anything much. Then son came into the front door, a long way from where I'd been watering and immediately said " phooo, you've been spreading that stuff again, haven't you "
I've had comfrey juice in the past for well over a year and still used it so I shouldn't really worry.

7 Jul, 2017


Told you the other day you worry too much...

8 Jul, 2017

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