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Hi All
I have a Sophora Sun King = 'Hilsop' that is getting to big so I want to prune it back, seeing it's an evergreen I was wondering what time of year to prune it? Also they say no need to prune, will it matter, I don't want to damage it as it is so beautiful when it flowers :o))




Hi,this has a mature height and spread of about 10ft, but if you want to prune it, it should be done in late winter or early spring, pruning group 1, just cutting out any dead, diseased or crossing branches, and any which detract from the shape of the shrub, but don't do it now, Derek.

9 Jul, 2017


Thank You for the info Derek, I wish I'd planted it somewhere else now silly me :o)) Blonde Essex Girl not thinking straight as usual:o)) x

9 Jul, 2017


Don't worry, lots of people see a plant, buy it, don't find out the eventual size, then realize it's in the wrong place until it's too late, {it's not just Blonde Essex Girls, ??, Derek.

9 Jul, 2017


We had two. One grew upwards against a wall to above the carport roof (about 3 metres before we reduced its height).
The other we pruned earlier, to a round bush.
Both plants were fine with pruning.

9 Jul, 2017


Oh! Thank You for the info Longleaf, what time of the year did you prune yours back, I would like to cut some over hanging ones right back as they are in the way :o))

10 Jul, 2017


I think it was just sometime in the summer, when I had pruners to hand. Not the optimum time if Pruning Group 1, but the plants seemed fine with it.

10 Jul, 2017

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