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My Telegraph Cucumber in the Greenhouse is mainly producing male flowers that I take off but so far I only have one female flower forming, the plant is 6 foot high now, is it worth keeping it? I will be able to train it up & over in side if need be.



One female flower in 4-6 feet of stem sounds about average, Ladyessex. When grown commercially, they are grown up and down a series of strings. Make sure that it is planted in a big container, at least 18" wide and deep, and gets regular feeding. Side branches mean more flowers, but may slow maturity. I would double check the temperature, too. Less than 27ยบ C, and fewer female flowers will form.

10 Jul, 2017


Thanks for the info Tugbrethil, the Que is in the ground in the greenhouse, I tie it to the support poles as it grows, I feed it with Tom Feed. :o))

11 Jul, 2017

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