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By Shahida

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I got present from my friends two pear trees..they seem quite mature becuase they got fruit and very tall.I have planted them last month but their leaves are not fresh it seems they are dying.I am feeling very upset.

On plant pear tree



are you giving them a good amount of water . remember also that fruit trees are putting there energy into there fruit so the leaves do start looking a bit tatty etc . the other thing you can do is put a tube in to the ground down to the roots so you can feed and water directly . i wish you luck take care bye for now .

19 Aug, 2010


it mite be worth cutting our losses and taking a lot of the fruit of now so it puts more energy into forming roots .

19 Aug, 2010


You couldn't have planted them at a worse moment in the middle of a draught!!

You say they are tall with fruit. If they were potted pears you might have got away with it. If they came out of the ground, the shock of moving in full fruiting growth is enough to kill any shrub or small tree.

They are sold with fruit on, as then you know they can fruit, and what they look like. As suggested remove the fruit and prune them back, Especially any extensions beyond the fruit. Get a large plant pot and place it bottom down in a hole quite near the root. Keep watering them via the pot, as much as you can . If they do survive let them flower next year, but do not allow fruiting for a year or two. Keep a record of their names and check it out that they are self fertile or compatible with each other for pollination. Type name of pear into google+pollination and have a look if they match.

20 Aug, 2010


sorted very good dorjac . i didnt think it was a great ime to move it but its after the fact but i like your description far better than mine lol .

20 Aug, 2010

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