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Cucumbers: I was given a plant this year for the first time -an outdoor one. Please can you tell me how big they grow before ready to eat, and do you peel them or eat the prickles? I picked the first one today and it was a bit on the crunchy side.



Hi Stera,
they can produce stems 6-8ft long. the prickles on the skin rub off if you wear rubber gloves when you pick them. pick them when they are about 9-12" long.
if there are male flowers take them off as soon as you see them. the female has a small 'cucumber' behind the petals, the male doesn't. prevents them becoming fertilized and bitter.

you can leave the skin on or peel it is personal taste. I tend to leave the peel on.

11 Jul, 2017


Some outdoor varieties--i.e. practically all heirloom kinds--need to be fertilized to bear cucumbers. Only the few parthenocarpic kinds can have the male flowers removed, and only the greenhouse ones need it.

11 Jul, 2017


I missed the bit that said it was an outdoor one.

12 Jul, 2017


Well it obviously doesn't need the male flowers removing as I haven't fertilized it and its growing cucumbers...
Maybe the first one wasn't quite ready when I picked it because the prickles didn't rub off. I'll wait a bit longer for the next one.

12 Jul, 2017


Picked it, ate it - wow - best one I ever tasted!

19 Jul, 2017


that's brilliant stera :o)

20 Jul, 2017

How do I say thanks?

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