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Hi , can anyone identify these for me , thankyou.

Img_0833 Img_0832



It's a weed, I don't know what its called, I always think of it as milkweed because it produces white sap, but I've spent years weeding these out in various gardens.

12 Jul, 2017


Hi, have a look at Euphorbia myrsinites, I agree a weed, Derek.

12 Jul, 2017


Looks like petty spurge, Euphorbia peplus, also sometimes called milkweed. The sap is toxic, like most Euphorbias.

12 Jul, 2017


I agree with Euphorbia peplus, a pesky weed!

12 Jul, 2017


When you pull it up take care not to get any of the white milky sap in our eye - easily done if you rub your face without thinking.

12 Jul, 2017

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