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Can a potted hydrangea that started in a green house and was forced to bloom on Mother's Day, thrive in the garden afterwards?

Yes it can! After Mother's Day, you can plant it out in the garden, and give it the required care. It will take a couple years to figure out what it's suppose to be and what it's suppose to do. By the 3rd year, it will revert to typical hydrangea habits; just like this one did. I've been advised that this will never happen and I should bin it. Well here it is.

Has anyone else tried this? I'd like to know your thoughts; not just for hydrangeas. This works for other plants too.




I have planted many a Mother's Day mum out in the garden. Most will bloom again the following fall, but a few have waited until the fall after. Belgian Indica Azaleas are worth trying, too, in Zone 8 or warmer.

13 Jul, 2017


I didn't know it could also be done with Belgian Indica Azaleas and I passed them by at the Home Depot. Agree, definitely worth trying and I will next time I see them.

14 Jul, 2017


It may be too chilly where you live, Bathgate. They occasionally suffer frost damage in Tucson, AZ (USDA Zone 8).

14 Jul, 2017


I'll send them to my sister in Baton Rouge.

14 Jul, 2017


The advice you had was from a florist wasn't it, who's job is selling new plants...

14 Jul, 2017


ha! that's the truth!

14 Jul, 2017


They'll love it in Baton Rouge!
You might want to put some rock dust and compost around the Hydrangea, though. It looks a little chlorotic.

14 Jul, 2017


Thank you Tug - good catch.

14 Jul, 2017

How do I say thanks?

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