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Give me instructions on growing a
ming aralia house plant.

My email:

On plant polyscias fruticosa



Hmm, couple of things. First, remove your email address, any answers you get will appear here, and this is a public, open site so your address is available to anyone out there who chooses to use it. Second, there seems to be something missing from your sentence, like 'can you' at the start, or even better, 'can you please' or other similar phrases that would turn your sentence into a request for help rather than an instruction or order.

This site's membership is comprised of ordinary gardeners who try to help out where possible, its not a professional body - if it was, there'd be a charge for the advice. Perhaps you could edit your question and alter the wording.

14 Jul, 2017


Well said Bamboo, Derek.

14 Jul, 2017


Welcome to GoY, Magyar! A little common courtesy wouldn't come amiss, however. This is no way to treat even a low level employee, and we are not your employees, of whatever seniority!

15 Jul, 2017


Google doesn't mind if you are abrupt so try that.

15 Jul, 2017
try that googled it and this came up.

15 Jul, 2017


I thought I'd read the 'order' wrongly at first but I hadn't. Yes, a please would make you more welcome, Kissel.

15 Jul, 2017

How do I say thanks?

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