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Insecure site.
Does anyone else get a message that this is an insecure site and that the password could be compromised? It makes me edgy every time I try to login.



I've never had that problem. Where is the message coming from? Is it your computer's OS, or is it someone trying to sell you security software?

15 Jul, 2017


It's phisching, consider it a land mine just step over it and keep on walking while you watch for the next one.

15 Jul, 2017


Hi, are you by any chance with talktalk ? if so it's their security letting you know that this site isn't https protected it only gives these a secure site message, nothing to worry about really, it's just letting you know, Derek.

15 Jul, 2017


Yea, this isn't a secure site because its open to anyone on the internet to have a look at. Even if your password is compromised, if its only for this site, its not a big deal, is it, you don't have secure information on here anyway, nothing that shouldn't be seen by the public - its only if you use the same password for everything, including your bank, that it might be a problem.

15 Jul, 2017


I get the same message every now and again but I don't worry as the password I have is only for this site. As the others said, anyone can go on this site and look at anything you have posted. If you are worried, I would change your password. Jen

16 Jul, 2017


It's my browser, Firefox, that flags up the message and I've always ignored it because, like Jen, I only use this password for GOY. I was curious to know if anyone else had a similar message, that's all.

Thank you for the response.

16 Jul, 2017

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